Platinum is the place you feel understood, It is where you find trustworthy relationship with us, for we are determined to meet all your needs, or maybe more satisfying results, providing high quality exhibition, design and event services, based on experience, trust and knowledge.
We are not just planners, not only designers or workers; we are passionate in what we do, and we love it, and this is the reason behind our satisfying, distinguish results.
Over 12 years of hard works and achievements, based in UAE and launched to the world, offering innovative event solutions, locally or abroad.
Our ability, creativity and smartness have been proved through turning our clients’ marketing into successful advertising campaigns through passed years and we still have the potential to make huge and better achievements while providing the right guidance to our clients, whether it’s for exhibits or pop-up installations. Setting your exhibition budget, preparing your installation, choosing the proper design, and working with on-site service crews and show organizers. All can be done for you in one place, you are few clicks away.


Our mission is to market effectively our products and services to others at the same profit.
We never let our client’s down, we aim to fulfill all their needs, creating the very best solutions and hand them the perfect results they ever looked for.


Our goal is to provide a high quality exhibition, design and event service, and bring you expert knowledge and experience, as we want our clients to come back to us and therefore, we bring to you expert knowledge and experience.


Our enthusiasm and passion about what we do is maintained and demonstrated in the challenging concepts we often pursue and above all, we never give up.
It’s the vision of our company to become a trustful partner to our clients.

Platinum’s task

We offer full custom fabrication and a complete design & build service. Our creativity and craft into all we do ensures we showcase you at your best.
We offer a full design service; we have got your event covered, we can supply anything from banners to large backdrops.

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